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Thank you very much for joining us.  Mouhamad A. Naboulsi, CEO and Inventor.


Our Story

We take driving seriously so we invested our own money to bring about what we knew will be a truly safer way to interact with the car and the electronic gadgets, and will not be another a gimmicky electronic toy that will add to the problem because of improper understanding or ignoring of :

  1. Humanity of the Driver.

  2. The variation of Machines and Technology.

  3. The Environment inside and outside the car.

  4. Historical and Temporal factors that made the above 3 items unique.

  5. Automating the Regulation infusion into the driving experience so its benefit is fully utilized.

I first encountered driving distraction by technology in my 1971 Cutlass V8 -350.  As I tried to adjust an FM radio adaptor that was poorly placed by the installer.  Leaning while the steering in my hand cause the steering to move in the opposite direction and gave me a good scare.  In 1989, while working for an automotive OEM, I again experienced distraction while using a software I developed fo vehicle audit,  I again found my self driving erratically while trying to enter a single key reply to a menu.


Those were behavior I committed and it was then expected that if I do not engage in such activity, I will not drive erratically and will not get into accidents or scares from near misses.


Fast forward couple of month and now I am driving a sporty prototype test vehicle.  Each time I leaned forward a light in the instrument panel came on and disappeared quickly before I was able to discern the correct identity.  Few miles later I recognized that the blinking light came on only when my maneuvers were harsh enough to cause me to move in my seat, but in each case, the light was not the same and I should not be doing investigation while driving on public road, so I headed back to the company test ground.


Back on the company ground, I put the vehicle in a big loop drive and high speed and found out that the lights were the low washer fluid and the seat belt alarm, (An example used without shame by many in the industry without any reference to my material which published this story since 2001).  Further investigation showed that the washer fluid sensor placement was not ideal and would flash On and Off even though the fluid was not exhausted.   The Seatbelt indicator on the other hand, had  a shorted resistive encoder causing the seat belt to look not extended enough to be truly worn by the driver


The decision came to fix the seat belt encoder at the supplier, but the water bottle proposal to have a delay circuit to prevent the alarm from distracting the driver at the wrong time was delayed and then replaced with a mechanical solution that changed the shape of the bottle.  I accepted distraction as a matter of fact and went about getting distracted through 1993-1994 until I had enough from near misses and enough scare. 

  • I decided, that I do not want the phone or the pager to come on whenever someone decided to call me. 

  • I decided that I do not want the PC screen to be too bright when it is dark outside so when I glance back at the road I am not blinded by the glare. 

  • I decided that speech recognition running on a full laptop PC was not reliable enough and was distracting me rather than helping me. 

  • I decided that the volume was not loud enough, depending on the rental car I was in, and I need to raise the volume so I can hear the information clearly. 

I stopped playing helpless and went back to 1985 and revived a school project and started the refinement until I had something that works. 


My constant travel made the distraction problem severe enough for me to get fully involved in working on a solution. This was a luxury that others did not have as they were limited to Labs and theories and did not observe Real World Driving.  Others did not share my enthusiasm with bravado about how it is not a problem, or they could not comprehend the reason for having a computer in the car in the first place.


In year 1997, I moved to realize the  dream  of a safer Driver interaction with the vehicle in general and with Cell phone, Satellite Navigation on a notebook, and pagers. After few failures with engineers moving on to other projects, in Summer of 2002 and after two years of basement and garage work, the solution became a reality and functioning on a 1989 MAZDA MPV.


The solution went through second development with help from Purdue University in 2011-2012 and will be going through another "hardening" phase through early 2013 before it becomes available for sale.  We are collecting contact information from interested customers without obligations.  Please fill a form out and we will contact you when the solution is ready for sale.


The solution when used properly should offer a safer communication while commuting experience by moderating the use of the phone, entertainment devices and text based communications.  We look forward to fulfill the promise of a safer commute and smarter connectivity and we are waiting for you to join us in this endeavor.


 Thank you very much for joining us.  Mouhamad A. Naboulsi, CEO and Inventor


Licensing for "OEM deployment" is available by contacting our sister company on


1  iQ-Wheel™ Daily every day driving, Busy professionals on the go, (Road Warriors)
2  iQ-Teen™  iQ-Family™ Safety conscious parents, Safety conscious connected families
3  iQ-Fleet™ Small business, fleets owners, Towing trucks, Delivery trucks, Taxi Cab
4  iQ-Truck™ Large fleets owners with long haul routes and HAZMAT business and any DOT registered vehicle


For more information,  please contact us via the appropriate form and we will contact you at the time you specified to follow up.


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