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Connectivity with 
Eyes On The Roads 
Hands on the Wheel



What do we do?


iQ-TelematicsTM provides the tools that makes it possible for drivers to enjoy connectivity in safer manner than what is offered by Automotive OEM, Telecom and Telematics service and hardware providers.  The system provides anxiety free interface with guaranteed Eyes On The Road and Hands On The Wheel to eliminate driver distraction due to Visual-Manual distraction due to texting, cell phone calls, e-mailing, entering navigation addresses or browsing the internet.

 iQ-Wheel™  iQ-Teen™  iQ-Family™  iQ-Fleet™  iQ-Truck™


1  iQ-Wheel™ Daily every day driving,  Busy professionals on the go, (Road Warriors) and Families & Teen Drivers for Safety conscious connected families (iQ-Teen™  iQ-Family™)
2 iQ-Fleet™ Small business, fleets owners, Towing trucks, Delivery trucks, Taxi Cab
3   iQ-Truck™ Large fleets owners with long haul routes and HAZMAT business and any DOT registered vehicle
4 But wait, there's more...(as said on TV). 


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Welcome  |||  Products  |||  Licensing  |||  Philosophy  |||  News  |||  FAQ    |||  About Us  


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